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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
What does F-CLEAN® cost?
The price of F-CLEAN depends on the grade and the quantity required.
F-CLEAN is more expensive than PE film and regular glass. Other savings such as the increased crop production and higher quality make F-CLEAN most advantageous.

Can I use F-CLEAN to replace ordinary standard film?
Yes, in most cases this is possible.
The important thing is that F-CLEAN is fitted and tensioned in the correct way.

Is double-layered F-CLEAN better?
For crops where heating is necessary, double-layered F-CLEAN offers the most energy savings (winter and spring crops). Fluctuations in temperature are also reduced by the insulating function of double-layered F-CLEAN.

Which thickness should I choose?
For single layer F-CLEAN, 100 micron is normally used. IF F-CLEAN is double layered, the inner layer can be 60 or 100 micron thickness.

Does F-CLEAN need cleaning?
Because F-CLEAN has extremely low surface tension, cleaning is not necessary as snow or rainfall washes the dirt away. If screening paint has been applied to F-CLEAN it can be removed with the appropriate chemicals.

When should Diffuse F-CLEAN be used?
Diffuse F-CLEAN allows the same amount of light through as standard F-CLEAN. The use of diffuse F-CLEAN offers a range of advantages such as lowering risk of leaf-burn and increasing photosynthesis.

Is it possible to mount F-CLEAN yourself?
Since F-CLEAN has to be applied/mounted by tensioning, it is highly recommended to employ the services of companies specifically experienced and qualified in this area.

How long is F-CLEAN guaranteed for?
F-CLEAN is guaranteed for 10 years of service life and light transparency (subject to certain conditions). Full details are available when F-CLEAN is supplied or on special request.

Can F-CLEAN be repaired?
Minor damage and splits can be repaired with special F-CLEAN repair tape. In the event of a larger area of damage the best method is to apply a new piece of F-CLEAN over the damaged piece. If there is a relatively large area of damage to the roof it is often possible that the whole roof area does not need to be replaced but by using replacement profiles the damaged can be repaired.

Where can I buy F-CLEAN?
Please see the Contact section of this website for full contact details.

Is it possible to see F-Clean case studies?
There are many examples of F-CLEAN in use in various locations and covering a range of different crops.
We are pleased to provide these references and contact details on request.

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