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AGC Chemicals is proud to present the full range of F-Clean products at every Greentech exhibition in Amsterdam including the latest innovations.

F-Clean® film features in Innovative Greenhouse Covering System

14 June, 2016

A new, practical and economical solution for energy-efficient growing inside greenhouses called ‘2SaveEnergy’ is the result of a collaboration between AGC Chemicals, Van der Valk Horti Systems and BOAL Systems.
Diffused F-Clean® film from AGC provides the lower layer of insulation in a glass and film 2-layer roof-covering combination. F-Clean® is well-known for its high light transmission and the ventilation cavity between the F-Clean® and the glass provides excellent insulation.

This affordable system was nominated and short-listed for an innovation award at the Greentech 2016 exhibition in the ‘Equipment’ category.

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