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F-CLEAN: Key advantages
  • Excellent light transmission up to 94%
  • Improves crop quality by UV light transmission (UV cut grade also available)
  • F-CLEAN diffuse grade eliminates shadows and enables more Photo-synthesis on every leaf
  • Double layer F-CLEAN roof saves energy by more than 30% compared to single-layer glass roof
  • Excellent Improved light transmission at all angles of incidence compared to other covering materials
  • Stable in high and low temperatures (-100C to 200C)
  • Long durability: over 30 years
  • Same ETFE technology is used for prestigious architectural projects
  • Lightweight allows less structure elements
  • No breaking/splintering, high resistivity against tear propagation
  • Anti-dripping characteristic prevents condensation droplets from dripping down
  • Damage can be easily repaired by F-CLEAN repair tape
  • Anti-adhesion/easy-cleaning
  • Non-flammable material which is certified B-1 in DIN 4202 part 1

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